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AUGUST 23RD AT 19:00


Everybody, please join us on the ’Baltic Way 2021’ on August 23 at 19:00!


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Thirty-two years ago, we stood together, shoulder to shoulder, united against the oppression of the time and to demonstrate to the world the unity of the Baltic people.


At that time, people joined a united front and together showed that they were ready to fight for their rights and for their freedom. A change of course for our precious nations. It was a truly momentous occasion that changed our history and our direction forever.

Once more, we are being deliberately divided, and once more our freedom is again in jeopardy. We must remind ourselves and the rest of the world that nobody can divide the Baltic people neither from within our three countries nor among the Baltics as a whole. We stand as one and we are proud of all our fellow Baltic countrymen!

No matter what you think about the current events – whether you believe we have a medical emergency or that the Covid situation is manufactured for the use of oppressive politics and the deliberate curtailment of our liberties by the controlling powers. Vaccinated or not, it does not matter, we are one people, and we all share our beloved Baltic lands.

No matter your ethnicity, nationality, religion, beliefs or orientation, we all are united, and we are all brothers and sisters. We are all friends, not enemies as those who are trying to polarize us would have you believe. They try to drive a wedge between us but no, it will not happen! We refuse to fight each other but instead, we invite all of us to come back together, love each other and be united. History has shown, that at the end of the day, nobody can divide us, and nobody ever will!

At this time, on August 23rd we cordially invite all people in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to drive by car to any convenient

location for you on the original Baltic Way which is highway from Tallinn to Vilnius via Riga and to step outside your cars at 19:00 to once more be united.

We have agreed that people in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will all do the same.

Hold hands, or use belts, it does not matter, we will all stand united on the Baltic Way! Now is the moment. The Baltics need your support more than ever! This is our way not their way. We are the difference. It is our turn to carry the torch, both for us and for our future generations just as our ancestors did for us. This is our time.

See you on Augusts 23 at 19:00 on the Baltic Way!

Baltics are awakening!

What we stand for

We are in favor of freedom to vaccinate. Everyone has the right to the integrity of his or her body.

We are in favor of equality and unity. A society in which people are confined does not create a safe living environment.

We stand for focused protection. We must protect risk groups from any disease and allow the rest of society to live a normal life without violating human rights and freedoms. A person at risk also has the right to decide for him or herself what kind of life he wants.

We are in favor of providing open and honest statistics and data. Transparent science, questioning and open debate must be the basis for decision-making.

We want more attention to be paid on mental health. We are in favor of positive, inspiring and encouraging messages instead of negative, threatening and intimidating ones.

We are in favor of a bullying-free society.

We are in favor of a healthy and joyful society. We call for advertising and propaganda for healthy lifestyles!


In Estonia 211,5 km


In Latvia 262 km

Ķoņi–Rūjiena–Rencēni–Valmiera–Lode–Cēsis–Drabeši–Mūrnieki–Līgatne–Sigulda–Vangaži–(A2)–Rīga(A7 E67)–Ķekava–Iecava–Bauska

In Lithuania 202 km

Pasvalys–Panevėžys–Ukmergė–Širvintos–A2 (E272)–Vilnius

Total: 675,5 km



If you want to make your very own Baltic Way t-shirt, then here you can download all the logos & graphics.

Creators of Baltic Way 2021 are Rūdolfs Brēmanis (LAT), Robertas Vaišnoras (LIT), Hando Tõnumaa and Mariann Joonas (EST).

Organizers of this event are all You who take action and participate!