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10. november 2016 kell 19:18


Fotod: Paavo Eensalu

9. novembril kogunesid paariks tunniks Tallinnasse Kentmanni tänavale USA saatkonna ette emakese Maa ja tema põlisrahvaste õiguste pärast muret tundvad inimesed, kes tahtsid Eesti suurimale liitlasriigile anda noodi Põhja-Dakota osariigi Standing Rocki siuude hõimu kohtlemise osas. Nimelt plaanivad kütusegigandid ehitada uut naftatorujuhet, mis läbiks siuude hõimu pühapaiku ning ristuks Missouri jõega, seades ohtu siuude joogiveevarud.  
Protestivate siuudega on Standing Rockis liitunud tuhanded inimesed enam kui sajast indiaani hõimust, kogedes vägivaldset ja ükskõikset vastuseisu politsei ja riigi poolt. Tallinnas toimunud toetusavaldusel osales mitusada inimest, peeti kõnesid, lauldi ja mängiti trumme. Meeleavalduse eestvedajad andsid USA saatkonna esindajale üle ka kirjaliku pöördumise:

09. november 2016, Tallinn, Estonia

“Upon suffering beyond suffering, the red nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for the sick world. A world filed with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations, when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred tree of life and the whole earth will become one circle again. In that day, those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things, and the young white ones will come, to those of my people to ask for wisdom. I salute the light within their eyes where the whole universe dwells, for when you are at the center within you and I am at the at place within me, we are as one.” – Crazy Horse

Dear Mr. President, Members of Congress, and Public Officials.

We call out to you from Estonia, a small country. Estonians are a small nation but we know the land. We have lived on this earthly place for more than 10,000 years. We have seen a lot of war and violence. We have been invaded by those who attempted to wipe us out as a nation. We know what it means to be a slave on our own land, and not to be allowed to sing our songs and follow our beliefs and traditions. But we are still here, alive with our spirit, which was never broken.

Right now our eyes are turned westward, across the Atlantic Ocean or as our Native American relatives call it: the Big Water in the East. The present view is sad. The land once pure and full of beauty is now ravaged, the forests cut down, the waters polluted and the peoples of the land abused. Abused not only centuries ago, but also today.

We are speaking for all people, not only the Lakota and Dakota people of the Standing Rock reservation. We are not talking only about the history of broken treaties. We are talking about the future of all Americans, the whole country, with its diverse peoples and wildlife, about all who depend on clean air, a healthy environment and pure water. Yes, we are talking about the mistreatment of the First Nations by Big Oil, but, we are talking also about the human and civil rights of all people who are standing for our collective future.

We don’t know if you see the picture we see? We see police using rubber bullets, armored vehicles, pepper spray, vicious dogs and violent actions towards unarmed people who are singing and praying and standing to protect the sacredness of the air, earth and water essential to all living beings. We see false accusations of rioting being made by the local authorities. We see unnecessary force used in arrests. It reminds us of the not-so-distant past when a State called the Soviet Union used the same kind of methods. The Soviet Union doesn’t exist any more but we see the methods now in the USA.

We understand that billions of dollars are invested not only in DAPL, but in a lot of pipelines all over the USA. Banks and businesses and investors want their profits. But, is even a great amount of money worth of losing the environment, the drinking water and eventually life on this planet? In only 2016 there has been around 25 pipeline accidents in USA. If we look at the number of accidents in the 21st century, it’s worse, worse than just bad. Especially now as alternative energy sources are rapidly developing, it is time to understand and accept that the era of Big Oil and fossil fuels is ending.

Right now indigenous people of the United States have taken a stand. Over two hundred tribes and many supporters are united in prayer and action. In this battle for a good and just future, they are not alone. Whole world is watching. For the USA, this a moment of opportunity to show all the world that justice is for all and greed doesn’t make anyone great.

With the grace, respectfulness and gentleness of Estonians, we ask you to stop DAPL and honor the treaties.

All my relations Mitakuye Oyasin
Me kõik oleme üks
Stand for Standing Rock Estonia

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Fotod: Paavo Eensalu


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